CATE: concolic Android testing using Java pathfinder for Android applications


Like all software systems, Android applications are not immune to bugs, security vulnerabilities, and a wide range of other runtime errors. Concolic analysis, a hybrid software verification technique which performs symbolic execution along with a concrete execution path, has been used for a variety of purposes including software testing, code clone detection, and security-related activities. We created a new publicly available concolic analysis tool for analyzing Android applications: Concolic Android TEster (CATE). Building on Java Path Finder (JPF-SPF), this tool performs concolic analysis on a raw Android application file (or source code) and provides output in a useful and easy to understand format

2017 IEEE/ACM 4th International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft)
Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer
Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer
Assistant Professor of Software Engineering

Research interests software refactoring and quality.